The Beautification and Redesign of Five Points Park is Underway with The City Commission’s Acceptance of the Plans Brought Forth By the Downtown Improvement District (DID). The improvements to beautify Five Points Park and make it functionally a much more useable and comfortable resource for residents and visitors will be taking place at the same time the Five Points Roundabout is under construction this summer and fall. The Park will provide a venue that will enhance activity and serve as a cornerstone to our downtown community. The removal of the wall that now is a barrier and an attractive nuisance to encourage loitering rather than visiting will be removed, new grading with sidewalks, paths and performance pad made of brick paver material will allow for better open access and resident/visitor use. We all have the DID to thank for this as these property and business persons taxed themselves an extra amount dedicating the funds to projects that improve our quality of life downtown. They also have done this while encouraging and seeking the input of the DSCA, residents, DSA, merchants and many others.