The DSCA Committee on Homeless took a page from the very successful “Three E’s” program of the City of Sarasota Police Department of Educate, Encourage and Enforce to assist persons without homes. The DSCA’s program of Educate, Encourage and Activate is designed to improve the understanding and knowledge of the DSCA membership and residents while at the same time reducing the misinformation and often prejudicial perceptions that many people have toward persons without homes or at severe risk of being without a permanent home.

Given that one of the most significant issues that residents are concerned about involves the efforts being made to assist persons without homes in downtown Sarasota.  DSCA sees the need to expand our efforts on this topic.

DSCA’s program of Educate, Encourage and Activate includes strategies to use current online tools to more effectively communicate accurate, timely information to residents, businesses and visitors to Downtown Sarasota.  The program strategies will explore options to achieve these goals:

  • Establish a broadly accessible, user friendly, multi-functional homeless section information link on the present DSCA website dedicated solely to the issues of homelessness in Sarasota and, when relevant, from other jurisdictions throughout the U.S.
  • Establish an interactive method for DSCA member associations and their residents to communicate with select “expert” commentators regarding local issues of homelessness.
  • Present public workshops to update and inform residents on the progress being made in Sarasota to address the issues of homelessness.

DSCA is pursuing partners to collaborate and coordinate on methods to expand public access to helpful information, along with channels for specific public concerns to be raised and addressed.  Stay tuned for further announcements as this important program progresses. Individuals, businesses and organizations who wish to collaborate should contact us at: