Sixty-six residents attended the DSCA all members meeting on December 6, 2010 to hear a series of speakers give an update on several very “hot” topics.

  • Former City Commissioner Ken Shelin gave a presentation on the idea of realigning the management of Selby Five Points Park by having the City of Sarasota contract with a private not for profit organization to manage and maintain the park. This idea has been successfully implemented in many other parks in other cities and Ken wants the City of Sarasota to consider doing the same. Ken is continuing to pursue this idea by engaging downtown residents in a survey to determine their thoughts about this idea.
  • Harry Chororos, President of the Sarabande Condominium Association and Subcommittee Chair for a joint committee of the DSCA and DSA on Homeless issues, updated the attendees on his and Peter Fanning’s (President, DSCA) efforts toward achieving a Work Alternative Program for repeat offenders. This program will address the small percentage of Sarasota’s homeless population, who are socially irresponsible and continually in trouble with the law.

Tony Sousa and John Moran walked the attendees through the fruits of the SemCon II conference. There were nine “Big Ideas” generated at the conference by the conference participants, and these will be put into a report to be distributed to the Board of the Downtown Improvement District, the Downtown Sarasota Alliance and DSCA.  Look for future updates on these items on the DSCA website.