The DSCA Transportation Committee has formed a new Electric Vehicle Charging Subcommittee under the leadership of Alan Freedman, DSCA Board Director from Alinari condo. The EV Charging Subcommittee will meet soon to review suggestions and comments from downtown residents and condo managers regarding Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations in downtown condos (multi-unit dwellings).  

Several members of DSCA attended the webinar: What Is Vehicle Charging Innovations for Multi-Unit Dwellings (VCI-MUD)?

You can access the slide deck and recorded webinar at this link.

This is the DOE report that provides MUDs look more like workplace installations than single family residential installations. This includes information on cost factors like trenching.


The CALeVIP program also has costs for equipment installation under that program.

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On March 3, DSCA members heard a presentation from Evan Goldin, CEO, Parkade; Chris Sharek, President, Sharek Solutions.  Here is the link for the presentation slides: Parkade for Residential – Sarasota-20200303

The DSCA Transportation Committee provides news about issues regarding Transportation, Traffic, Roundabouts and Sidewalks in downtown Sarasota and surrounding areas.

Please let us know if you or your condo wishes to participate in the DSCA EV Charging Subcommittee. or to be kept informed of the subcommittee’s reports.

Alan Freedman, Chair, DSCA Electronic Vehicle Charging Subcommittee

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