Moves to Make Bicyclist Feel Safe Downtown 

The Board of Directors of the Downtown Sarasota Condominium Association (DSCA) has enthusiastically endorsed the construction of the Ringling Bicycle Trail from the Legacy Trail to Pineapple Avenue in downtown Sarasota. Thousands of people are currently using the Legacy Trail and with its completion to Fruitville Road significant additional numbers of people will have access to the trail.

Many downtown condominium residents have bicycles and seek a safe place to ride.  The Ringling Bicycle Trail would provide easy and safe access to the Legacy Trail.  Additionally, bicyclists using the Legacy Trail would find downtown Sarasota as a safe and interesting destination enhancing downtown businesses.

The Ringling Bicycle Trail would help connect the Legacy Trail to the Bay Front and to the MURT which leads to St. Armand’s and the barrier Islands.

A safe downtown bicycling trail will encourage the use of bicycles for citizen health and recreation in addition to reducing the number of vehicles on the road. The major complaint about not using our bicycles is there are few places bicyclists feel safe.  A safe connection from downtown to the Legacy Trail will enthusiastically be received.

DOWNLOAD LETTER:  DSCA letter – Ringling Bike Trail