The DSCA Board of Directors establishes communication with its members and improving member input to other associations as the number one priority for the upcoming year.

If you have already visited the About Us Page you know that the DSCA is very much interested in improving communication among its members and the Board of Directors. This new website is one of our efforts as is the increased use of blast e-mail to individual residents and member associations concerning activities and information that we believe will help you enjoy downtown. Also, in an attempt to increase our effectiveness, the DSCA is committed to building alliances with other organizations that are working to improve the Sarasota experience for everyone. The DSCA now occupies a seat on the Board of Directors of the Downtown Sarasota Alliance. This group wants to unify the many voices of persons who live, work and own property downtown in order “… to promote and enrich Historic Downtown Sarasota, our bay-front community.” The DSCA is also the only member of the Coalition of City Neighborhood Associations that represents the many sub-neighborhoods and jurisdictions downtown. Additionally, the DSCA is a participating member of The City Alliance of Sarasota, an arm of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.