The DSCA leading the way in collaborating with other stakeholders with an interest in improving the vibrancy and quality of life downtown appeared several times before the City Commission to encourage a compromise that works for everyone.

The DSCA, based on the advice from many of our association members, has appeared many times before the City Commission to speak for:

  • an improved and workable noise ordinance that allows for increased activity and responsible entertainment downtown;
  • a greenspace policy along with Master Plan amendments that increases the awareness and actual amount of greenspace downtown while lessening the inappropriate use of hardscape;
  • encouraging the completion of the Bayfront Mooring Field so that there is a safe and secure anchorage for boat owners that is maintained as environmentally safe as well; and,
  • improvements to the zoning codes governing commerce and utilization of downtown space that will more equally represent the concerns of residents while maintaining the necessary growth of commercial interests.