The DSCA has heard you, its members, and has taken the initiative to address the accommodation of those persons who are homeless in the downtown area.

Harry Chororos, President of the Sarabande Condominium Association, has agreed to Chair the DSCA’s Sub-Committee on Persons Who Are Homeless. Soon after, realizing how pervasive and complex this issue is, it was agreed that Harry would Chair a joint committee of the DSCA and DSA (Downtown Sarasota Alliance) so that we can all use our resources more effectively. Harry, Peter Fanning and Mary Anne Servian have been active in meeting with the many stakeholders who have knowledge and expertise in trying to improve the quality of life of the homeless population and the residents/visitors of Downtown Sarasota. This activity is a priority for many of the DSCA’s members and we will be putting considerable effort in trying to come up with a workable plan.