Since our Annual Member Meeting in March 2015, the DSCA Board has been quite active.  We have had strong attendance and participation by the 13 Directors at our monthly Board meetings, including several condo member representatives and liaison partners attending each Board meeting.  This has enabled us to accomplish the following:

  • The DSCA website has been reactivated and updated with current membership and event information.
  • The contact list of all condo member representatives and condo association presidents has been updated.
  • All Condo Member Representatives have received notice of monthly Board meetings and Board Meeting Minutes.
  • An active outreach to past members has resulted in 6 Condo Associations rejoining and/or paying dues.  We are now at 29 member condo associations.
  • The 2015 Operations Plan was developed and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Two standing committees and four at hoc committees were formed and chairs assigned:
  • Executive Committee (standing), Patrick Gannon, Chair
  • Education & Outreach Committee (standing), Bridget Spiess, Chair
  • Homeless Committee (at hoc), Peter Fanning, Chair
  • Greenspace Committee (at hoc), Barbara Campo, Chair
  • Transportation Committee (at hoc), Roger Barry, Chair
  • Safety Committee (at hoc), Curt Schantz, Chair



An analysis was conducted of residential property values in the City of Sarasota.  Results indicate that DSCA’s 29 member condos account for over 70% (2,257) of total condo units (3,217) in downtown Sarasota, and over 75% ($1.04B) of total taxable property value ($1.38B) of all downtown condos.  Also, the total taxable property value of all downtown condos represents 27% of total residential property value ($5.17B) in the City of Sarasota.


Following the August DSCA Forum on Transportation, The Observer conducted an interview to highlight the work of DSCA.  Link is here:


Thank you all for your support and active participation.

Patrick J. Gannon

President, DSCA



New/Renewing Members

Condo members added since Apr 1 (29 total)

  • 1350 Main
  • Alinari
  • Beau Ciel
  • Embassy House
  • La Bellasara
  • Renaissance
  • Ritz-Carlton Residences
  • San Marco


Upcoming Events