The Downtown Sarasota Condominium Association (DSCA) board of directors is pleased to announce that it has elected David Lough as its new President. He succeeds Eileen Normile who has moved to a senior board position with the Coalition of City Neighborhood Associations (CCNA).

Lough has served on the DSCA and Rosemary District Association boards and has been active in city matters including new park planning, advocacy for enhanced walkability, more canopy trees, and better zoning. Over the last year he also has helped city staff analyze COVID-19 cases specific to City of Sarasota zip codes. Currently he is working with the Downtown Friends of the Orchestra on efforts to encourage the Sarasota Orchestra to build their new music facilities downtown.

Lough and his wife Martha are full-time Rosemary District residents. Lough spent his working career at consumer product companies in the product marketing management field, later moving to work in international business development. As part of his work experiences, he has held general manager positions in England, Germany and Canada.

Lough says, “as someone who has gotten into community service later in life, I’ve realized one of my personal goals in a post-pandemic world is to contribute to helping Sarasota grow as an even more vital, engaged and connected City. Going forward in accomplishing a shared vision I would like to get us all to commit to honoring our historical roots, including to our art community.”

Lough shared the DSCA recently developed a detailed analysis of new dwelling units, property values, population estimates and impact fee revenues. Lough says he hopes starting with the same set of facts and projections will help everybody get onboard for future downtown planning.

Lough asks, “How do we plan for this growth in terms of infrastructure, greenspace and connectivity needs and desires? With the City approaching 30% more people in a less than 2-square mile area, what type of future do we see?” Lough says he wants to work with the DSCA board, residents, city staff and the full city commission to answer these questions and more. Lough says, “There is a lot we can accomplish together.

About DSCA
The Downtown Sarasota Condominium Association (DSCA) is a non-profit 501(c)(4) membership organization comprised of condominium/townhome associations and commercial associate businesses in greater downtown Sarasota. DSCA was founded in 1998 as the Bayfront Condominium Association Inc., and represents over 40 condominium associations. The mission of DSCA is to actively advocate for the collective interests of its members for a vibrant and safe downtown Sarasota. The greater downtown Sarasota currently has over 6,000 residential units with over 12,000 residents, and is projected to grow to near 15,000 residents in the coming 5-6 years.