Sarasota in motion …

The City of Sarasota is preparing its first citywide transportation master plan, which will serve as a playbook for how the City not only invests in transportation infrastructure, but also how it achieves the community’s larger quality of life goals.  City staff are working to gather input to address major traffic and transportation issues in the City of Sarasota:

  • How can streets be safer?
  • How can we improve the reliability of travel time to work, particularly as we grow?
  • How can we expand travel options so more people can walk, bike, or take transit?
  • How do we plan for a future with autonomous vehicles and other new transportation technology?

Learn about the status of the transportation master plan by reviewing survey results, reports and presentations.  You can also view the Interactive Map (example below) to see where other persons have recorded their experience challenges in the mobility network, and where they think improvements should be prioritized.