Peter Fanning with Board support is working to extend the influence of DSCA by working with other Downtown Groups, Associations and Resident Members to improve the quality of life for Downtown Residents. With the help of the Downtown Sarasota Alliance (DSA) and especially the Plaza at Five Points and 100 Central Condominium Associations and their residents, Peter has been advocating for more police presence downtown, supporting the implementation of new safety ordinances, enforcing existing ordinances and establishing programs of assistance for people who are unable or unwilling to comply with simple rules of social order.

The Plaza and 100 Central have been instrumental in assisting organizations providing food on a regular basis to persons who are homeless in locations that are better suited for such an activity than Selby Five Points Park. The DSCA has been meeting with representatives of this effort to assure that such relocations are in the best interests of the residents and the homeless as well. The cooperation and open dialogue taking place is a great change according to Peter Fanning, from previous efforts, and already residents and visitors are seeing the changes for the better take place.