The Downtown Sarasota Condominium Association (DSCA) is the only organization that represents the exclusive interests of the condominium associations and their residents that are within the greater Downtown area.

The Downtown Sarasota Condominium Association (DSCA) is a non-profit membership organization made up of condominium associations in greater downtown Sarasota.  The DSCA is member-funded, operating under U.S. IRS classification as a 501(c)(4) – social welfare organization.  The primary membership of DSCA are the condominium associations which subscribe to the purposes of DSCA.  The DSCA also allows for non-voting associate memberships for any institution, association, business or individual who subscribes to the purposes of DSCA.  All membership applications are submitted for approval by the DSCA Board of Directors.

In 2005, the Bayfront Condominium Association Inc., which was incorporated in the State of Florida in 1998, adopted Articles of Incorporation to establish the name of Downtown Sarasota Condominium Association under which to conduct the Association’s business. The name change more accurately reflects its membership and the wider geographic area that comprises the interests of residents for a vibrant and safe downtown.

DSCA’s 29 member condos account for over 70% (2,257) of total condo units (3,217) in downtown Sarasota, and over 75% ($1.04B) of total taxable property value ($1.38B) of all downtown condos (based on 2014 tax appraisals).


The mission of DSCA is to actively promote the interests of its members to improve the quality of life experiences for the people who live and visit downtown Sarasota by being the premiere organization for residents to get information about downtown and have a strong voice to express the downtown residents position and desires relative to quality of life experiences.


The purposes for which DSCA is organized are as follows:

  1. To encourage beautification of the Downtown Sarasota area and of member condominiums and to work for the preservation and maintenance of the Downtown community including its marine and upland parks and open spaces.
  2. To provide commentary on proposed ordinances relating to land use, zoning, traffic planning and control, pedestrian mobility, parking and safety or other issues that affect the Downtown community.
  3. To work in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies on crime control, motor vehicle, boating and pedestrian safety issues in Downtown Sarasota.
  4. To promote a unified effort of its membership with regard to proposed state legislation, county or city ordinances or actions of governmental agencies that affect the Downtown community.
  5. To provide input on the marine and upland environmental issues in the Downtown area.
  6. To initiate or participate in activities such as community surveys, traffic studies, fund raising, community and cultural events, and such other pursuits that the Board of Directors may have reasonably determined will enhance the experience of living in Downtown Sarasota.


The DSCA seeks the continued support of its members as it pursues an active agenda to make sure the voices of its members are heard. The ongoing goals of DSCA include.

1.  Continue support of efforts that address the reduction of the impact the homeless population has on the residents, visitors and tourists who live and frequent Downtown Sarasota.

2.  Improve the maintenance of green space, public parks, public art, pedestrian access throughout the downtown area and signage for information and directions.

3.  Build alliances with other organizations and agencies that have similar missions and goals to improve the experience of living and visiting Downtown Sarasota.

DSCA Neighborhood Boundary

DSCA represents the residents of condos and townhomes within the greater downtown Sarasota area as identified by these boundaries.