Organization Overview

DSCA is organized with a Board of Directors comprised of three (3) to twenty (20) elected Directors with voting rights on Board matters.  To contact any of the Board Directors, please send an email to:

The current list of 10 Board Directors and Officers are:




Patrick Gannon


Condo on the Bay (888)

Clark Lauren


1350 Main

Jaime Still



Peter Fanning

President Emeritus
Chair, Homeless Cmte

Savoy On Palm

John Moran

President Emeritus
City of Sarasota Rep

Marina Towers

Roger Barry

Chair, Transportation Cmte

Sunset Towers

Art Levin


One Watergate

Bob Pirollo

Bayfront 20:20 Rep

Broadway Promenade

Vic Scully


Plaza at Five Points

Ken Shelin


Embassy House

Bridget Spiess

Chair, Events Cmte

Ritz Carlton Residences


The Board can form committees as needed, and has agreed to establish committees to align with the annual goals of the organization.  The standing committees include:

  • Executive Committee – This is a standing committee that includes the officers of the organization (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Presidents Emeritus).  It is the prime group to carry out the advocacy role of the organization, especially in interfacing with the City of Sarasota and City Commission.
  • Education & Outreach Committee – This is a standing committee to plan and organize educational forums and other related events to address key issues important to our members.

The ad hoc committees that are formed to advance specific annual goals include:

  • Homeless Committee – This is an ad hoc committee targeted to work with the City of Sarasota staff and other local organizations to support efforts to reduce the impact of the homeless population in Sarasota.
  • Greenspace Committee – This is an ad hoc committee to focus on issues related to the green spaces, public parks, and public art in downtown Sarasota.
  • Transportation Committee – This is an ad hoc committee to focus on issues related to multi-modal transportation, traffic, signage and pedestrian access in downtown Sarasota.
  • Safety Committee – This is an ad hoc committee to focus on programs to enhance the safety of downtown residents and to work closely with the Sarasota Police Department and any other organizations to effect these programs.