DSCA provides two types of memberships:  Regular & Associate.

Regular Members is limited to Condominium & Townhouse Associations located within the DSCA neighborhood boundaries. See DSCA By-Laws: DSCA-ByLaws-APPROVED-20200401

Associate Members includes any commercial, non-profit or residential (e.g. apartments) business.  There are four levels of Associate Membership. See Associate Member Benefits below. Download 2023 Benefit Chart here. 

Regular Member

Condominium & Town House HOAs
$200 per year

Associate (Residential, Silver, Gold, Platinum)

Apartments, Businesses, Organizations
$150, $125, $350, $650 per year


Voting & GovernanceCondominiumAssociate
Right to be a candidate for Board of Directors x
Vote for Board of Directors x
Nominate Candidates for Board of Directors x
Vote on general issues presented to the membership x
Number of votes per membership 1
Observe Board of Directors Meetings xx
Access to Board materials xx
Number of representatives per Condominium Association membership (but only one vote per Condominium membership)31
Right to be a candidate for a Member committee chairxx
Right to be appointed to a Member committee xx
DSCA Workspace Online Accountxx
Marketing & Materials
Condominium name & photo inclusion on DSCA websitex
Use of DSCA Member logo (within guidelines)xx
Membership recognition on DSCA websitexx
Discounted Membership meeting & conference registration xx
Complimentary DSCA publications xx
Receive government and community updates xx
Receive DSCA newsletter xx