DSCA maintains an active dialogue with other organizations such as the Downtown Improvement District (DID), the Downtown Sarasota Alliance (DSA)The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, and others.  DSCA collaborates with these organizations to present the Sarasota City Commission with recommendations and feedback through a public vetting process representing our member associations and their residents’ best common interests.  The DSCA volunteers spend hundreds of hours each year making sure our members’ points of view are taken seriously.

What a bargain for dues for full membership for each condo association!

The DSCA Membership Fee Schedule is designed to keep fees low for condominium associations and associate members.  The current annual fee for membership is:

Regular Member

Condominium & Town House HOAs
$150 per year

Associate (Silver, Gold, Platinum)

Businesses, Organizations, Individual
$75, $250, $500 per year


Voting & GovernanceCondominiumAssociate
Right to be a candidate for Board of Directors x
Vote for Board of Directors x
Nominate Candidates for Board of Directors x
Vote on general issues presented to the membership x
Number of votes per membership 1
Observe Board of Directors Meetings xx
Access to Board materials xx
Number of representatives per Condominium Association membership (but only one vote per Condominium membership)31
Right to be a candidate for a Member committee chairx
Right to be appointed to a Member committee xx
DSCA Workspace Online Account (Condo Member Reps)x
Marketing & Materials
Condominium name & photo inclusion on DSCA websitex
Use of DSCA Member logo (within guidelines)xx
Membership recognition on DSCA websitexx
Discounted Membership meeting & conference registration xx
Complimentary DSCA publications xx
Receive government and community updates xx
Receive DSCA newsletter xx