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Condo Members to Discuss Building Inspections

Sat, July 10, 2021 10:48 AM | Robin Parsons (Administrator)


DSCA Condo Members to Discuss Building Inspections

The Downtown Sarasota Condominium Association (DSCA) and its members send our thoughts to those in Surfside, FL affected by the tragic building collapse.

Downtown Sarasota condos spend over $60 million per year in operating expenses that includes regular building maintenance and reserve fees for major maintenance projects including structural inspections for repairs.

The Downtown Sarasota Condominium Association also includes associate members (commercial companies) who provide much of the necessary information and services to help our condo boards and property managers stay informed in best practices for condo maintenance. These associate members participate actively in regular DSCA meetings and host educational workshops on a host of topics, including building maintenance, insurance, the functions of association boards, etc.

A survey of our members released today indicates 100% of the 32-condominiums/townhouses participating in our survey require a reserve study at least every 3-years, with over 20% requiring a reserve study annually. Reserve studies are sometimes accompanied by a report from a licensed, structural engineer as to the integrity of the building and recommendations for repairs. However, such Engineering or structural reports are not required by state or local municipalities, including the City of Sarasota.

To help facilitate the discussion of what requirements for inspections currently exist or should be considered, the DSCA board today confirmed its plan to host a roundtable forum on multi-unit residential building maintenance and inspections. Such a forum will be organized on a priority basis in combination with our Associate members. The DSCA communication team will be reaching out with updates on the plan for this important event to our news list in the very near future.

About DSCA

The Downtown Sarasota Condominium Association (DSCA) is a non-profit 501(c)(4) membership organization comprised of condominium/townhome associations and commercial associate businesses in greater downtown Sarasota.  DSCA was founded in 1998 as the Bayfront Condominium Association Inc., and represents over 40 condominium associations.  The mission of DSCA is to actively advocate for the collective interests of its members for a vibrant and safe downtown Sarasota.  The greater downtown Sarasota currently has over 6,000 residential units with over 12,000 residents, is projected to grow to near 15,000 residents in the coming 5-6 years.


Download PDF: DSCA Condo Inspection PressRelease-20210707a

July 10th, 2021

About DSCA

The Downtown Sarasota Condominium Association (DSCA) is the designated neighborhood organization to represent the interests of the condominium associations, townhomes, apartments and their residents, that are within the greater Downtown Sarasota.

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