DSCA Board Meeting – 2016-05-04

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DSCA Monthly Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 4, 2016   4:00pm

Ritz-Carlton Residences, 1st Floor Founders Room


  1. Call to Order, Establish quorum: Patrick Gannon

Officers:  Patrick Gannon, Graham Edwards, Michael Normile, Mary Hale, Peter Fanning, John Moran

Directors:  Roger Barry, Barbara Campo, Marilyn Harwell, Art Levin, Bob Pirollo, Curt Schantz, Vic Scully, Bridget Spiess, Ron Ward

  1. Secretary’s Report: Mary Hale
    • Approve Minutes of Board Meetings of Apr. 6, 2016
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Michael Normile
  3. City Update: John Moran
    • City Public Utilities: Gerald Boyce, General Manager Utilities Dept.
    • Water Issues Committee: Michael Normile
  4. Old Business:
    • Website Ad Hoc team
    • 2016 Operations Plan – for Approval
  5. New Business:
  6. Committees Status:
    • Events Committee: Bridget Spiess
    • Greenspace Committee: Mindy Koopman
    • Homeless Committee: Peter Fanning
    • Safety Committee: Curt Schantz
    • Transportation Committee: Roger Barry
  7. Bayfront 20:20: Bob Pirollo
  8. CCNA (Coalition City Neighborhood Assoc.): Barbara Campo
  9. Adjourn

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