DSCA Workshop on Construction Safety

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DSCA Workshop: Surviving in the New Sarasota  

Zoning Code, Building Setbacks, Walkability, & Public Safety Around Construction Projects

Downtown Sarasota is experiencing a significant construction boom that is creating disruption and hazards for downtown residents.  The City of Sarasota Economic Development Team is tracking over 80 construction projects that are adding 1,458 apartment units, 1,889 condo units and 1,627 hotel rooms.  Over 50 of the construction projects are located in the greater downtown neighborhood.  Every downtown condo resident is within 500 feet of one of these new development projects.  We are all impacted!!!

C L I C K   H E R E   T O   V I E W   V I D E O


Learn from the expert panelists on how we can mitigate the impact of construction in our downtown neighborhood:


Mel Sykes, Moderator; Chair, DSCA Zoning Code Committee



Cindy Lang, Property Manager, Essex House – View Slides of Essex House Damage from next door Construction



Larry Murphy, Building Official, Development Services, City of Sarasota



Alex DavisShaw, Chief Engineer, Transportation Engineering, City of Sarasota



Joe Stamp, Sr. Project Manager, Gilbane Building Company



Albert A. Sanchez, Attorney (practice in construction & real estate)



Some of the topics discussed include:

  • What are the Joint Zoning Code Principles endorsed by DSCA, CCNA, STOP & SHOUT
  • How does the City Zoning Code regarding building setbacks affect construction
  • How can we improve public notice for new downtown development projects
  • How to keep public Right-of-Way (sidewalks & roads) open during construction
  • What steps to take to protect nearby condo and resident property
  • How to establish effective communications with City staff, developers & construction firm project leaders
  • Who should residents contact when they see a safety problem


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